A wooden heart covered with a technological skin in a traditional dress. The eco\logic house fits into an urban context of already existing volumes, and settles like a haute couture hat ennobling a building from the early twentieth century. The new volume synchronizes with the human body by caring for and enhancing its senses. The ears are pleasantly soundproofed by a sequence of acoustic materials in wood fiber that border the load-bearing structure with xlam walls, while the high thermal and acoustic windows and doors do not spare the eyes a pleasant view towards the west.
Each element inside the house can be managed by a home automation brain that constantly communicates with the lungs of the house, that is, the air treatment system with heat recovery and the innovative hybrid thermal system, with electricity and gas. The xlam technology combined with the use of rigid joint beams eliminates any intermediate pillar giving the environment full enjoyment of its surface. The total absence of pillars and the presence of large dormers give brightness and full exploitation of the spaces, pleasantly unusual for this type of intervention.